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Book: Generation Stressed – Anxiety in Children

Generation Stressed


This easy to use handbook offers original, engaging and effective exercises developed by Kambolis that you can use at home, on the road and in social settings to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety in your child.



Are your kids anxious? Afraid? Stressed out? They’re not alone. At any given time, our children are usually cycling between eight different worries—from school pressures to changes at home, scary headlines to social fears. Although anxiety is a natural part of life, without good coping skills it can often become overwhelming and lead to social, emotional and physical struggles.

posit-it-therapyWhether your children are having trouble dealing with the stresses of everyday life or experiencing clinical levels of anxiety, Generation Stressed provides sound advice and fun, highly effective play-based tools to help you and your kids manage the effects and develop healthy new strategies together. Practical and engaging, this easy-to-use book is backed by scientific research, clinical evidence and personal experience. It’s a one-stop handbook you can use at home, on the road or anytime anxiety strikes.

Table of Contents

Introduction (exerpt)202122232425
Chapter 1: Inside the Anxiety Epidemic
Chapter 2: What Exactly Is Anxiety?
Chapter 3: How Anxiety Affects Development
Chapter 4: Anxiety and the Family
Chapter 5: Overcoming Childhood Anxiety with Play-based Therapy
Chapter 6: The Play-based Toolbox
Chapter 7: How and When to Seek Professional Support
Chapter 8: Overcoming Setbacks and Obstacles
Chapter 9: At Home in the World: School and Social Settings
Chapter 10: Lifestyle as a Route to Mind-Body Health
Chapter 11: Twelve Steps to Happiness: An Anxiety Antidote

Peer Reviewed

“Generation Stressed is a rich book full of useful, easy to implement ideas that can help mothers and fathers, grandparents and teachers solve problems and enrich the lives of children.”
Dr John Allan, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Counselling Psychology, University of British Columbia

“This practical and hopeful guide offers realistic and creative strategies for supporting the development of coping skills, confidence and resilience in anxious children. Michele Kambolis provides a comprehensive understanding of children’s stress and anxiety, and innovative, playful ways that parents can help.”
E. Jane Garland, M.D., FRCPC, Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, University of British Columbia

About The Author

Michele Kambolis, MA, is a Child and Family Therapist, Registered Clinical Counselor and Parent Educator known for raising awareness about the needs of children and parents. She maintains a private practice, is the founder of Chi Kids and writes a national parenting column called “Parent Traps” for the Vancouver Sun and other Postmedia newspapers.

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