Meditation Mondays in 2020

Join my 12-week Meditation course from June 22 – September (holidays inclusive) via Zoom.

The Practice

This 12-week guided meditation practice will give you the tools to create radical transformation in your mental clarity, emotional balance, and wellbeing. This class will allow you to experience the benefits of meditation in a deeply immersive way, with step-by-step guidance for both beginners and experienced meditators. You’ll also learn how to take those benefits off the mat with a new level of presence that will inform you, guide you, and support you in living wisely and consciously. The systematic teachings will retrain your energy management and recondition your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forms. All this is in order to access a state-of-being that allows you to live joyfully, wisely and in the fullest expression of yourself.

Who Can Join?

Whether you’re totally new to meditation or have been practicing for years, this practice is for you. Meditation is a technology that you may consider a mind-body health practice or you may use as part of your spiritual practice. Whichever you choose, it is a way to anchor yourself in the present moment and become more aware.

Still not sure?

Hands-down the biggest block to starting a regular practice is our own resistance to change. You do have enough time, you can sit still, and meditation isn’t just for yogis. I promise, anyone can meditate. While committing can feel intimidating, my step-by-step approach will take you to a deeply rooted practice in just three months.


$280.00 in total for the 12 week practice. As we encourage further connectivity in our community at this time, we are pleased to present a family and friends offering.

Join before June 12th at 12pm to receive our Early Bird Rate. Email with any questions.