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No child should miss out on important childhood experiences like summer camp just because they're facing nighttime wetting! Here's what Michele and the folks at Goodnites are doing to help


The Importance of a Good Nights Sleep with Stirling Faux (July, 2017) - Join Michele Kambolis and guest host extraordinaire  Stirling Faux on Sense of Place at Roundhouse Radio as they investigate the tricky habits of a sleep deprived culture and its impact on our children. Listen here to listen in on the many steps we can take to solve our sleep health crisis.
How To Get Your Child to Sleep Through The Night (July, 2017) - Is your little one having a hard time sleeping through the night?  Read this article by Michele Kambolis on the Huffington Post Canada and discover useful tips to ensure a restful night for your child. "The connection between children's sleep and their overall brain health is undeniable. In fact, widely published research tells us it's
How to Have a Better Relationship with your Mom (July, 2017) - Michele Kambolis speaks with Angela Serednicki from WDish about how to bolster your Mother-Daughter relationship. “Mother-daughter relationships can take us into the deepest depths of anger and leave us feeling loved like nothing else and everything in between,” Read the article here.
Prince George and the Best Friend Ban (July, 2017) - Should your child have a best friend? Michele Kambolis approaches the concerns raised over the recent controversy with Katrina Clarke at CBC Life.     CBC Life with Katrina Clarke
social media, Instagram, parenting, online safety, independence, trust Instagram Obsession (June, 2016) - THIS WEEK'S PARENT TRAP... I am a mother of a 16-year-old daughter who is obsessed with Instagram. I have very mixed views about social media and about the pictures that she is posting. I have bought her an iPhone and allowed her to set up an account that is private. I follow her and she
back to school stress abc news ABC News Feature: Kids and Back to School Stress (August, 2015) - ABC News features Michele Kambolis in their feature Beating Back to School Stress: How to Help Kids Stay Calm. Watch the video: ABC Latest News | Latest News Videos
Canada AM: Play Based Techniques For Children To Manage Stress Canada AM: Michele Demonstrates Play Based Techniques To Reduce Stress (September, 2014) - Michele appears on Canada AM to demonstrate play based techniques to help children manage anxiety and deal with stress. Watch The Video At Canada AM
Michele Kambolis on Fox News Fox News – Helping your kids deal with back-to-school stress (September, 2014) - Michele Kambolis along with 3 other guest are interview by Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on helping children overcome anxiety.
Huffington Post Interview – How To Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety (September, 2014) - Michele Kambolis along with 3 other guest are interview by Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on helping children overcome anxiety.
CBC News – Interviewed by Andrew Chang About Kids and Tech Time (September, 2014) - Andrew Chang and Michele Kambolis taking a close look at the real impact of tech time on the family! CBC News, September 3rd.
Global News Interview – Playtime can ease children’s anxiety (August, 2014) - Author Michele Kambolis tells Global News about her new book ”Generation Stressed” and has tips for helping to ease children’s anxiety.